Whiteness, Pt. II: Political Correctness

This is another reflection on whiteness, which I'm broadly construing here as membership in the majority and culturally dominant class. My first reflection is here. Much in the news lately about institutions of higher education being inhospitable to those who have been historically marginalized, in particular African Americans, has bred a public conversation about political correctness and … Continue reading Whiteness, Pt. II: Political Correctness


On Bernie Sanders and #BlackLivesMatter

Several #BlackLivesMatter activists made sure their concerns were heard in Seattle by taking over a Bernie Sander's campaign event. I've heard a number of white progressives spurn this tactic, pleading instead for support for the only truly progressive (at least on economics) candidate in the 2016 presidential race. The problem is that until now Bernie … Continue reading On Bernie Sanders and #BlackLivesMatter

What We Are (Might Be) Doing When We Denounce Riots

When I hear middle class people like me - especially white folks - condemn rioting in Baltimore I hear something in our voices, a plea no doubt. And it comes from an authentic place of fear. Such actions are threatening by design, and insofar as they threaten the existing structures and organization they potentially threaten … Continue reading What We Are (Might Be) Doing When We Denounce Riots

Whiteness, Pt. I: The (Non-) Hermeneutics of Whiteness

In light of recent events I've been reflecting on the nature of "whiteness." I'm sure very few (if any) of these thoughts are remotely novel, but I'm finding this helpful, particularly when thinking about what exactly it might mean to speak of privilege. Here I want to tackle the notion of whiteness hermeneutically - in terms of how people interpret the … Continue reading Whiteness, Pt. I: The (Non-) Hermeneutics of Whiteness

Racial Bias and the Criminal Justice System

The national conversation we're having about race and the law requires a sharp analysis. We must come to terms with at least a few¬†important facts: 1.) Americans with black or¬†brown skin are disproportionately charged and imprisoned in this country. This is evidence of systemic racial bias in the criminal justice system at large. As Michelle … Continue reading Racial Bias and the Criminal Justice System