Timothy Jackson on Liberal Neutrality

Timothy Jackson is perhaps the most articulate Christian ethicist I've come across who, along with folks like Michael Sandel, critiques the Rawlsian (?) idea that liberalism ought to be neutral in respect to questions of the good. In his new and compelling collection of essays, Political Agape, Jackson does so by tangling with perhaps liberalism's other most famous … Continue reading Timothy Jackson on Liberal Neutrality


Whiteness, Pt. II: Political Correctness

This is another reflection on whiteness, which I'm broadly construing here as membership in the majority and culturally dominant class. My first reflection is here. Much in the news lately about institutions of higher education being inhospitable to those who have been historically marginalized, in particular African Americans, has bred a public conversation about political correctness and … Continue reading Whiteness, Pt. II: Political Correctness