MacIntyre’ Majoritarianism

Alasdair MacIntyre's virtue ethics bugs me for one final reason I was reminded of during the writing of my last post. There's nothing original about this critique but I think it sticks: MacIntyre's virtue ethics are, as are many forms of communitarianism, majoritarian. As Michael Sandel has said quite well, "The mere fact that certain … Continue reading MacIntyre’ Majoritarianism


On Liberalism and Rights…Free Speech, for Example

Let me say at the start that I find much of Michael Sandel's critique of Rawlsian liberalism quite convincing. I don't think I agree with Sandel on everything, but this rather important structural critique is significant. While such a critique might sound like it supports a politically conservative perspective, I think it is also vital … Continue reading On Liberalism and Rights…Free Speech, for Example

On Bernie Sanders and #BlackLivesMatter

Several #BlackLivesMatter activists made sure their concerns were heard in Seattle by taking over a Bernie Sander's campaign event. I've heard a number of white progressives spurn this tactic, pleading instead for support for the only truly progressive (at least on economics) candidate in the 2016 presidential race. The problem is that until now Bernie … Continue reading On Bernie Sanders and #BlackLivesMatter

William Desmond’s Metaphysics, Pt. II: The Quadradic Sense of Being

[On William Desmond's metaphysics: pt. i] William Desmond sees being as ever between determinacy and indeterminacy. Being becomes, as mentioned in the last post, by way of plenitude and excess rather than negation. Novelty emerges as a generation of the dialectic. However, rather than claiming a (Hegelian)┬ádialectic of negation, say, of being and non-being, for … Continue reading William Desmond’s Metaphysics, Pt. II: The Quadradic Sense of Being