SCOTUS on Same-Sex Marriage

The recent SCOTUS decision marks an incredible victory for LGBT people and a huge step forward in the march toward equal rights. The majority opinion by Kennedy was quite well written and at times moving, as can be seen in the oft-shared closing paragraph. The argument was also rather clear, with constant reference to the 14th Amendment, … Continue reading SCOTUS on Same-Sex Marriage


David Brooks, the Pope, and Capitalism

David Brooks' most recent column about Pope Francis' eco-encyclical operates as an apologetic for neoliberal economics with a most troubling, yet predicable, rebuttal. To top it off, Brooks maintains a dismissive attitude throughout much of the piece. For example, he begins by claiming the Pope overstates the severity of the situation which results in "too many … Continue reading David Brooks, the Pope, and Capitalism

On MacIntyre’s Virtue and the Outsider

In a previous post on Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue I claimed that, it seems to me that MacIntyre’s approach seems to promote communal rigidity and sameness. This isn’t because his ethics builds intentional animosity toward otherness, but rather because it is so firmly rooted in distinctly communal history, wisdom, and tradition which can only therefore be fully coherent internally. Insofar as … Continue reading On MacIntyre’s Virtue and the Outsider