Elizabeth Warren for President? (Also…Teachout?)

As a progressive I couldn’t be more excited about Elizabeth Warren’s rising popularity and exposure. So far she’s proven to be tough, progressively minded, and committed. Her ability for acute analysis is matched only by her ability to translate complex political and economic issues into everyday language.

All of this is what makes for a powerful and and persuasive lawmaker, which is exactly why I don’t want her to be president. While she can effectively translate political ideas for the public, a key role of the president, her skills are best suited for Congress. Her leadership as a strong voice and her ability to see through difficult and complex issues, along with her background in law, make her the perfect legislator.

The presidency is about being the face of America, foreign policy, diplomacy, and working to set the legislative agenda. If her renowned strength is in policy, then her place is in the legislature. Frankly, I’m afraid the presidency would neutralize her, bogging her down with duties she may excel at but are distant from the reasons and skills that make her so compelling.

I’d love for Warren to run for the Democratic nomination but not to win it. I’d love for her to have the opportunity to push Hillary (and/or whoever else) from a progressive perspective, yet remain a Senator.

While I’m at this, we need Zephyr Teachout in Congress as well. Badly.


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