Addressing Excessive Use of Force

While there's no straight policy path to end racial bias and discrimination, there are some good ways to help curb the use of excessive force, including lethal force, by law enforcement officers. There are even ways to help curb some racial bias in law enforcement. In talking with a friend of mine who spent most … Continue reading Addressing Excessive Use of Force


Racial Bias and the Criminal Justice System

The national conversation we're having about race and the law requires a sharp analysis. We must come to terms with at least a few important facts: 1.) Americans with black or brown skin are disproportionately charged and imprisoned in this country. This is evidence of systemic racial bias in the criminal justice system at large. As Michelle … Continue reading Racial Bias and the Criminal Justice System

Elizabeth Warren for President? (Also…Teachout?)

As a progressive I couldn't be more excited about Elizabeth Warren's rising popularity and exposure. So far she's proven to be tough, progressively minded, and committed. Her ability for acute analysis is matched only by her ability to translate complex political and economic issues into everyday language. All of this is what makes for a powerful and … Continue reading Elizabeth Warren for President? (Also…Teachout?)