On Syria, pt. III

If you couldn't tell in my last two posts on Syria, I oppose intervention. I do so for the following reasons: - Intervention would be at least as much for strategic reasons as for humanitarian ones. Insofar as that is the case, the debate has not reflected it. Any conversation needs to include all of … Continue reading On Syria, pt. III


On Syria, pt. II

In light of my last post on Syria it might seem that I've given no way for the US to legitimately act in response to such awful acts. However my intent is to problematize a decision that could be so easily (perhaps rightfully so) cast in stark ethical terms by comparing it to equally tragic, … Continue reading On Syria, pt. II

On Syria

What has happened in Syria over the last week or so (if not much longer) is horrific and deplorable. I'm not trying in any way to diminish that. However, when we start asking ourselves what our reaction ought to be I think we need to do some more reflecting. My concern is less pragmatic - … Continue reading On Syria

The Absurdity of Amoral Positions: The Ethics of Libertarianism

Libertarians (Rand Paul is a perfect example of this) often claim an ethically neutral position when implementing their neo-liberal policies. Either by direct plan or consequence of it (does it really matter?), these policies most often minimize access to and defund public services, deplete public education, etc. - things which disproportionately affect lower income, non-white … Continue reading The Absurdity of Amoral Positions: The Ethics of Libertarianism