Reading (Nolan’s) Batman Radically, Dialectically

Nolan's Batman trilogy can be read radically - unlike the relatively straight forward readings by Žižek and Graeber - as a narrative of dialectical opposition: the limitless growth of crony capitalism produces its self-subverting, dialectical opposite. That is, it can be seen as the story of the escalation of intensity and violence produced by the … Continue reading Reading (Nolan’s) Batman Radically, Dialectically


Guns and America’s Original Ontology

The enlightenment thinkers who provided the philosophical backdrop for the ‘founding’ of America understood the world to be made of disparate and distinct things and therefore saw humans as essentially separate, individual beings. It seems to me that this understanding of the nature of things, this ontology, is engraved in the American spirit and is … Continue reading Guns and America’s Original Ontology